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Fast Connect

Fast Connect is Proxim’s propriety Roaming feature. Extension of wireless connectivity seamlessly to locations different from home location is termed as Roaming. Wireless devices with roaming feature offer continuous connectivity with the network while being technically supported by mobility management, authentication and other procedures to ensure access to ‘home’ data and services.

When an SU is roaming between wireless network coverage areas, the SU terminates the session with the current BSU and registers with another BSU. The Fast Roaming feature continuously monitors the local SNR (Signal-to-Noise ratio) and Data rate on the SU for all the frames received from the connected BSU. As long as the local SNR and Data rate is greater than the set threshold values the SU does not scan for other BSUs. When the SNR and Data rate breach the lower threshold, the SU scans for a BSU with a better signal strength and when there are multiple BSU options, the SU connects to the BSU with the most robust signal.

Seamless Connectivity with FastConnect wireless Roaming

Proxim’s Fast Connect roaming feature provides MAC level connectivity to the SU that roams from one BSU to another. Roaming takes place across a range of frequencies (2.4GHz, 5GHz) and channel bandwidths (5, 10, or 20 MHz) that are available per configuration. The current release offers handoff times of up to a maximum of 80ms. This is fast enough to allow the SU to seamlessly roam from one BSU to the other therefore supporting session persistence for delay-sensitive applications. The feature also functions as a BSU backup in case the current BSU fails or becomes unavailable.

Proxim’s Fast Roaming:
  • Seamless connectivity within Proxim’s wireless network
  • Hotspot islands merged into one virtual network
  • Subscriber is always connected to the home network
  • Handoff is established within 40ms