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Largest WISPs are built using Proxim Tsunami® Radios

Internet service providers, worldwide use Proxim’s carrier-class multipoint and backhaul solutions to deploy broadband connectivity quickly and cost effectively. With high service availability, superior subscriber per sector support and ultrafast 4G connectivity using WORP Drive® technology, Tsunami® outdoor solutions is the ideal choice for ISPs to quickly scale their network coverage as well as meet the rising demand for high-bandwidth, multimedia services effortlessly.

"We ultimately selected Proxim’s Tsunami GX-800 because it provided the best megabit-per-dollar value on the market."

– President of Mercury Wireless

Common applications for wireless service providers:

  • Wireless Internet access for serving enterprise and residences
  • Wireless backhaul with high-capacity microwave bridges
  • High bandwidth connectivity for VoIP, Data and Video on Demand

Common challenges and concerns of an ISP

Whether you are a large telecommunications company or a small rural internet service provider, at Proxim we build wireless solutions that cater to your requirements and concerns. And with decades of experience in the wireless space nobody understands your concerns more than us:

Key concerns

  • How to address the ever rising demand for high capacity networks at lower prices?
  • How to ensure more subscribers per tower to keep CAPEX to the least possible?
  • How to extend my service footprint to new geographies quickly and cost-effectively?
  • How to ensure complete customer satisfaction with demands for virtually zero-downtime networks?
  • How to achieve the “biggest bang for my buck” and have the quickest payback time or time-to-revenue?

Why is Proxim the right choice for you?

  • More concurrent subscriber support per tower to ensure lower CAPEX, enabled with the Superior MAC layer Scheduling - WORP Drive
  • Advanced interference mitigation features to ensure low downtimes and guarantee CIRs
  • Competitive pricing for SUs and BSUs to provide competitive commercial broadband access , faster time to market
  • Performance guarantee program-extended service, advanced technical support with 7x24x365 availability &warranties for Investment protection

Wireless ISP ROI Dashboard

Try out our new ROI simulation tool that estimates your complete expenses and forecasts returns on your WISP projects.

"When we were evaluating technologies that could overcome the existing problems and deliver a higher quality and higher speed service to our members in a cost‐effective manner, it became clear that Proxim’s wireless broadband systems were the optimal solution"

Daniel Heery, Project Manager for Cybermoor

Listen to what Brian Magnuson of 'Last Mile Gear' has to say about us

Why switch from Cambium?

33% more capacity with same channel size in 20 MHz channel size:

  • Higher throughput: The Tsunami 8200 offers 123Mbps at 20MHz channel size whereas the PMP 450 offers 90Mbps at 20 MHz channel size
  • Higher channel flexibility: The Tsunami 8200 can operate 5MHz, 10, 20 & 40MHz channel sizes, whereas the PMP 450 offers only 10 and 20 MHz channel sizes
  • The max throughput of Tsunami 8200 is 240Mbps @40MHz channel as against 90MHz at 20 MHz
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Are you really saving with Ubiquiti?

Common Ubiquiti drawbacks:

  • Low SU per BSU ratio: The Ubiquiti base stations deliver poor throughputs when the number of subscriber units increases beyond ten. This adds upto more towers to be purchased to support more base units
  • Poor Interference mitigation features
  • Short life time of Ubiquiti radio approximated to be 6 months
  • Primitive software feature set for layer2/layer3
  • Poor after-sales and customer sales support
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"Not only does Proxim provide better price and similar to or better performance than wired networks, but Proxim also performed better than the other wireless vendors we tested."

Ronaldo da Silva Nunes, Director at RDL Comunica- ções, Ltd

Tamiami Village, FT Myers FL

Wireless Network

Tamiami village is a large retirement community in Ft. Myers, a city of 63,000 located on the banks of the caloosahatchee river on southwest Florida's coast, utilizes Proxim’s outdoor solutions for...

  • Average number of SU/CPE per BSU: up to 157
  • VoIP, internet access: Best effort up to 7/10Mbps D/S, 2.5/3Mbps U/S

RDL Comunicações (Wireless ISP)

  • Proxim provides end-to-end wireless backhaul and point-to-multipoint connectivity
  • RDL deploys broadband service in 10 Brazilian cities in a fraction of time
  • Result: Achieves total ROI for the deployment is less than 12 months
Long range Wireless

Cybermoor Broadband (Wireless ISP)

  • Cybermoor utilizes Proxim’s carrier‐grade point‐to‐multipoint (PtMP) solutions
  • Helps bridge ,the remote town of Altson Moor town and also provide value added services
  • Result: wireless connectivity throughout the whole town at cost of only $12 per user

Kencomp (Wireless ISP)

  • County of Cumbria’s primary challenge was to provide broadband coverage to its sparsely populated citizens cost effectively
  • 150 Proxim wireless network nodes deployed over an area of approximately 270 square miles.
  • Result: Kencomp provides seamless, cost-effective connectivity across the large, remote area.
Wireless Ethernet Bridge

"Proxim greatly benefits small businesses and teleworkers, who typically rely on wireless broadband in order to do business."

Paul Haig, Technical Director at Kencomp.

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