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Transportation Solutions (ITS)


In order to keep the traffic moving, a tried and tested solution is an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), however with current traffic management systems relying on wire line networks .Expanding and adding more ITS applications would mean more trenching and cabling, resulting in a cost-prohibitive and often impossible proposition.


  • Ensures non-stop real-time transmission from surveillance cameras and other ITS components
  • Powered with WORP Drive® and MIMO, Proxim’s radios perform reliably even in severe nLoS conditions
  • Deploys virtually anywhere - across rugged terrain, bodies of water and remote areas and within no time.
  • Installation is relatively easy and can be set up within hours


  • Update dynamic message signs along highways to warn drivers of road conditions, accidents and detours
  • Seamless connectivity to traffic management centers
  • Solar power traffic detection radar sites
  • Wireless remote management
  • Metro Ligero Oeste line in Madrid, Spain-Case Study
  • Wireless Network – City of San Jose
  • Wireless Video Surveillance – Tenerife Tram System
  • Wireless Network – Indiana Department Transportation
  • Wireless Backhaul – Washington State Ferry System
  • Backhaul
  • Wireless Security – Bulnes Funicular Railway

Typical Transportation Deployment

Wireless Network - Transportation                Solutions

Suggested products

As shown in this typical transportation deployment diagram, Proxim products bind all the different components of a transportation system over hundreds of square miles with an end-to-end wireless network. Proxim’s high-bandwidth, high-availability solutions have enabled a broad range of ITS applications including traffic signals, digital messaging signs, electronic toll collection, and speed sensors. These solutions facilitate scalable, reliable and cost-effective Transportation systems.

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