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High Power Wireless Bridges that exceed 4G speeds
Product Series Throughput Data Rate Frequency TX Power MIMO
246 Mbps 300 Mbps 4.9 - 5.9 GHz Up to 25.8 dBm
(Triple chain)
100 Mbps 300 Mbps 5.1 – 5.9 GHz Up to 26 dBm
(Dual chain)
100 Mbps 300 Mbps 5.9 – 6.4 GHz Up to 25 dBm
(Dual chain)
730 Mbps 790 Mbps 6 GHz, 11 GHz, 18 GHz, 23 GHz Up to 30 dBm NA

Exceptionally Reliable

The Tsunami Point to Point radio ensure reliable connection by leveraging on WORP® QoS for reliability and MIMO technology to ensure seamless connection in non line of sight conditions in addition to this, the Tsunami operates over various frequency and provides many features such as dynamic channel selection to essentially mitigate interference and backhaul even in RF hostile conditions.

Highly reliable enterprise level Wireless broadband
High Capacity Wireless Security

High Capacity with Blazing Speed

The Tsunami 8200 high power Point to Point radios are fortified with the 802.11n MIMO technology radios that enables it communicate with data rate of 300 Mbps plus even in severe non line of sight conditions. In addition to this are GX 800 series microwave products backhaul upto 622 Mbps real world throughput.

Effortless Installation

With “hop- in- a-box” wireless radios and easy to use installation tools (audio alignment tools, site survey tools, automatic channel selection etc) Proxim solutions dramatically reduce the guesswork associated with initial deployments and allow quick installations with minimal effort.

Wireless Network Radio - Effortless Installation
Ultra Secured Point to Multi point Network

Ultra Secure with AES

The Tsunami Point to Point product range leverages the 802.1X authentication protocol for ensuring that the right pair of nodes link up and post that cutting edge AES encryption technology is used secure point to point communications.

Easy Network Management

The ProximVision Network Management System comprises a wide variety of management tools ranging from pre-scheduling tasks to fault management and alerts, Proxim network management tools give you a complete 360o network wide view of your backhaul wireless network with Maps and color link status.

Easy Wireless Network Management
Wireless Broadband trouble-free monitoring tools

Trouble-Free Monitoring

With every Tsunami wireless solution, comes a plethora of monitoring tools. Ranging from detailed station statistics to device temperature logs, Proxim provides a very comprehensive set of monitoring tools to ensure that network administrators spend lesser time and effort in monitoring and more time on other core network activities.

Versatile and Flexible

Tsunami Point to Point radios not just operate in virtually all (licensed and unlicensed) bands but also provide unparalleled flexibility such as custom channel configuration, data stream selection and asymmetric bandwidth control. Additionally the GX-800 operates from 6-23GHz frequency bands.

Versatile and Flexible wireless bridge
High Capacity Wireless Security Built to last

Built to Last

The Tsunami enclosure leverages on the strengths and experience from the time tested, field proven Proxim outdoor enclosures. The enclosures are approved after stringent screening involving Vehicular movement Transport Vibration (ISTA-2A), Drop, Shock, Salt Spray, Thermal, and Reliability tests. In addition the enclosure is IP 67 Grade that ensures complete protection from any kind of dust and has been tested under water at 1 meter depth.

Parking Garage Video Surveillance

Today’s Parking Garages are multi storey facilities with ample amount of space to accommodate all sorts of vehicles and cars in hundreds if not thousands thereby addressing the challenge of an ever shrinking real estate space within a city. However the sheer amount of cars and unmanned space makes a parking garage an opportunity for vandalism by antisocial elements and also auto thefts. To counter this challenge, typically every corner and space is placed under surveillance with the help of security cameras which are all connected back to a surveillance office...

Wireless Video Surveillance - Parking Garage Video Surveillance
Long range Wireless- Circumnavigate Geographical Barriers

Circumnavigate Geographical Barriers

Even in the most populated and urbanized areas, geographical elements can present a problem for connecting networks and providing cellular backhaul to a central site. Rivers and foothills are regular features in cities across the world. In order to provide consistent service on both sides of an obstacle, service providers must find an affordable connection – and leased lines are both expensive and complicated to install...

Prepare for 4G Plus Applications

With rising cellular traffic and a boom in bandwidth usage cellular providers are being compelled to migrate to 4G and beyond technologies. The added bandwidth allow providers to offer a host of new multimedia applications. This, in turn, will raise the average bandwidth consumption per subscriber. To handle this increase, cellular providers must begin adding additional capacity today to ease the transition later...

Wireless Backhaul - Prepare for 4G Plus Applications
Wireless Network - Bring Welfare Services to Those in Need

Bring Welfare Services to Those in Need

In today’s time, be it a school, hospital, or any sort of social service center. Communication is the need of the hour in terms of complete quadruple play of voice, video, data and mobility. As institutions scale up and expand over geographies...