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Point-to-Multipoint / Wireless Broadband

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High Speed Broadband Wireless Access for fixed and mobile applications
Point to Multipoint-Tsunami MP-8200
Point to Multipoint-Tsunami MP-820 Series
Point to Multipoint-Tsunami MP-826-CPE
Point to Multipoint-Tsunami MP-8160
Point to Multipoint-Tsunami MP.11 Series
Tsunami® MP-8200 Series Tsunami® MP-820 Series Tsunami® MP-826-CPE Tsunami® MP-8160 Tsunami® MP.11 Series
Point to Multipoint-Tsunami MP.11 5012
Point to Multipoint-Tsunami MP.11 HS 4454
Tsunami® MP.11 5012 Tsunami® MP.11 HS 4454      

Point-to-Point / Wireless Backhaul

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High Capacity, License-free Point to Point Bridges from 11Mbps to Gigabit Speed
Point to Point-Tsunami QB-8200 Series
Point to Point-Tsunami QB-820 Series
Point to Point-Tsunami QB-826 Series
Point to Point-Tsunami GX-810 Point to Point-Tsunami Quickbridge.11 Series
Tsunami® QB-8200 Series Tsunami® QB-820 Series Tsunami® QB-826 Series Tsunami® GX-810 Tsunami Quickbridge®.11 Series

Enterprise Wireless LAN / Wireless Access Points

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High Capacity Wi-Fi Access Points for Metropolitan, Enterprise, Public Safety Wi-Fi Networks
WLAN-ORiNOCO® 802.11a/b/g/n USB Adapter
ORiNOCO® AP-8100 ORiNOCO® 802.11a/b/g/n USB Adapter

Wireless NMS

Powerful Tools to optimize management for wireless network
ProximVision NMS
ProximVision NMS