Applications of VLANs in City Wide Video Surveillance Deployments

Typically in a city wide video surveillance deployment, surveillance cameras are installed at various locations starting from schools, airports, public places to traffic intersections. As shown below, these cameras capture all the information and feed it back to the various Continue reading

6 Top reasons why you should be migrating from analog to IP cameras

Though analog video cameras have a majority market share, today the video surveillance space is undergoing a migration from analog to IP based video cameras. The reason for this migration is that IP video cameras offer a lot of unique features that suit the current Continue reading

Case Study: The city of Iguaçu selects Proxim’s solutions to deploy 120 surveillance cameras


Serving as a gateway to illegal arms and drug trafficking between  Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, the city of Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil had long been witnessing high crime rates and homicides .In order to stifle this inflow, the city decided to implement a city-wide video Continue reading

Thought Leadership: Our CEO Lee Gopadze on small cell backhaul

Frank Rayal. Hello, and welcome to this conversation with Proxim Wireless. My name is Frank Rayal. This conversation is part of a Senza Fili report on small-cell backhaul that gives an update on small-cell backhaul solutions and on the evolution of mobile operator Continue reading

Proxim WORP® – Link Profiles Feature

Every engineers needs are different and we couldn’t agree more.

Proxim in its latest Firmware upgrade launched a new feature called the WORP® Link profile, that provides the flexibility to tweak every subscriber unit as per one’s requirement, but before digging into the details let’s take a re-look at some of the features that the Continue reading

Case study: San Jose Government saves $ 10 million with Proxim’s wireless ITS solution

Overview:Spread across 150 locations and encompassing numerous applications, ranging from high definition surveillance cameras to traffic signals and parking revenue systems, the Intelligent transportation system (ITS) of San Jose city, relies on an extensive Continue reading

Video Surveillance – Unwired: Transitioning from wires to wireless network

Are you a security re-seller or an integrator who is comfortable deploying wires & cables for your security video network and trying to understand the role of wireless? Do you have uncertainty and doubt whether wireless delivers wire like performance, are they secure Continue reading

7 reasons why businesses need high-speed connectivity?

Enterprise employees benefiting from high speed connectivityBusinesses and other large organizations require continuous high-speed data connections in order to function effectively in today’s fast-paced environment. This need for high-capacity communication will continue to grow for several reasons. Continue reading

Webinar: Broadband Wireless Solutions for Oil & Gas, Mining and Agriculture

For industry segments like oil & gas, mining, agriculture, ports and other heavy industries located in remote and harsh environments, an ability to get continuous and reliable broadband network connectivity is a challenge but is of paramount importance. Continue reading